Great fit is arguably the “raison d'être” of custom suits.

Clone your Suit / Jacket /Pants /Overcoat

  1. Do you have a suit/jacket or any other such garment which really fits you well and you want another with similar fit and style?
  2. At Charles Custom Suit we can help you to clone your suits/jacket/ pants/ overcoat measurement and create another one.
  3. Cloning has become so simple and is widely followed by our clients.
  4. We will get your garment picked up from your place through our courier partner and we will then replicate your garment.
  5. Your old garment will be sent as it is along with your ordered custom suit/jacket. You don't need to worry about your old garment, we have never lost one.
  6. Our professional team will then take the measurements from your original suit/jacket, make your unique pattern and make your tailored made to measure suit/jacket/ pants as close as possible.
  7. We can also make changes you feel will give you a better fit. You can provide those details in additional instruction box while ordering. Entire process may take approximately 2-3 weeks.
  8. Cloning Cost is USD 40 (this does not include the product basic cost). This is a one time expense as your pattern will go into our database and anytime you reorder you need not send us your favorite pair, you can just reorder.

Step-by- Step process

  1. Step 1 : For new clone orders – First you need to decide which product you are cloning - suit, jacket, pants, overcoat. Then you need to select the fabric and add any other designing detail if you wish to. You can also leave the designing similar to your garment. Once you placed the order our team will contact you through email to fix the schedule for pickup. On the specified day and time our shipping partner FEDEX will pick up your garment. They will get the packing material as well. You do not have to make any payment to the shipping agent. They will then send your garment to our location and we will start the production. We will ship the new made to measure suit/jacket together with your old garment to your specified address.
  2. Step 2 : For Reorders - you have to go through our normal ordering procedure - select fabric, designing details and in the measurement profile - you need to select your saved measurement profile based on last clone order. There is no need to resend your garment as we have saved your measurement profile during the last order.
  3. Step 3 : For 1st time cloning order we charge extra USD 40 which is a one time charge over and above the product cost as we need to arrange pick up of your garment and also send it back to you. For reordering there is no cloning charge. You will be charged only the basic product cost.
  4. Step 4 : In custom made to measure suit or any other garment it is possible for the measurements to vary from 1/2 to an inch. This is not very common but may happen.
  5. Step 5 : Cloning service is available worldwide.

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