Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter.” – Gay Talese

Who Are We

We are a group of talented professionals in the field of textile management and years of experience in custom clothing for men and women. We operate from India with our own manufacturing facility in Mumbai. We specialise in custom tailored bespoke suits and jackets, custom pants, custom jeans and denim, custom tailored overcoats, custom tuxedos etc..

Our Mission

Is to provide custom made men suits, custom pants, custom jackets, custom tuxedo, custom overcoats using the finest fabric with the flexibility to choose your own design including lapels, pockets, buttons, linings etc and your own precise measurements at a price which suits your budget. These garments are then made to their precise measurements and shipped directly to their door within three weeks for a great fit, hassle free.We want you to feel confident while wearing your clothes. When you wear clothes which is made as per desired measurement & fittings; it is the most confident feeling you would ever have. When you dress better you feel better. The satisfaction you can have in custom clothing you will not get in mass manufactured clothing. We take pride in what we do and are satisfied when we are able to offer well fitted clothing to our clients.

Why Custom Clothing

We believe custom clothing should not be the prerogative of a chosen few. In this fast-moving world where there is no time for anything, Charles Custom Suits is designed to get the entire store on to your smartphone so that shopping can be done at your convenience and you get perfect custom made tailored suits and jackets that defines you and your personality.

1. Choose your design and style

2. Select from a range of fabric

3. No need to force into standard fits from standard stores. Provide your unique body measurement

4. Convenience to order while sitting at home or while on the move using Ecommerce

Our unique customisation process allows you to choose the exact customisations you want for your suit.

All our customization options are complementary and included in the price of your suit. Personalize your purchase down to the very last detail so you get the exact garment you want.

Material and Stitching

The material used for your clothing is handpicked from a range of high quality fabric which is tested under stringent condition to guarantee the texture and color. We have designers with decades of experience who study your measure and provide the perfect fit that makes you stand out. All this at a price point which will make you go for more of it - every occasion every time. We use only 100% woolen fabric for all our suits and these fabrics are procured from the best mills which abide by international standards. Fine wools have a soft & luxurious hand feel making them the most sought after in the world. The fineness of the fibers makes for a lightweight comfortable fabric that is a perfect match for our suits.

Custom Clothing for All

We cater to made to order suits for men short to tall, big and small, every size in between. As these are custom made they are made as per measurements and specifications provided by you. We also make custom suits, custom jackets and vests, custom tuxedo, custom made pants etc.

Your Experience

We promise a world class customer experience at Charles Suits from the time you visit our platform. We cater to customers across the globe and have express logistics in place to ensure your chosen clothing is delivered to you expeditiously. There are experienced service executives both online as well as through phone available to help you at every step of the process so that your experience is rich and that gives us a loyal customer with whom we want to take the future steps in making you a customer for life.

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